History of Roslyn Cemeteries

Nestled in the wooded Roslyn hillside, Roslyn Cemetery is perched 2,200 feet above sea level on the Cascade Mountain’s eastern slope. Included in the National Historic Register, the cemetery reflects Roslyn’s coal mining roots, rich cultural heritage and pioneering spirit. Nearly 5,000 graves marking young and old speak to the endurance, heroisms and hardships of Roslyn’s early inhabitants. 

The Roslyn Cemetery is actually twenty-six separate, but adjacent cemeteries clustered together on fifteen wooded hilly acres. In 1887, one year after Roslyn’s founding, the town’s fraternal, ethnic and civil groups established the cemetery with land donated or purchased from the Northern Pacific Railroad. All ethnic groups who labored in the area’s perilous coal mines have their own sections. Of the twenty-four nationalities represented, the Croatian section is by far the largest.

A video with an aerial view of the cemetery will feature interviews with Croatians still living in the Roslyn area, whose relatives worked in the mines, will be narrated by Beverly Read.



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